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  • The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer
    Charles Graeber

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    Vivid portraits of patients, scientists, and physicians reveal the promise of immunotherapy

    Every cancer is a living, ever evolving, mutated derivation of a body’s own cells. This makes fighting a cancer like fighting the mythological many-headed hydra. Cut off one head, and two may grow in its place. In The Breakthrough, journalist Charles Graeber tells the story of how we may finally slay the beast. The “breakthrough”… Read More
  • The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success
    Albert-László Barabási


    A complexity expert reveals how social networks create recognition and acclaim

    Want to master your professional and social networks to maximize recognition? Want to learn how to build productive teams that create lasting impact? In his new book, The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success, Albert-László Barabási translates almost a decade of scholarly research on the science of success into a lively and compelling narrative woven… Read More
  • Einstein's Shadow: A Black Hole, a Band of Astronomers, and the Quest to See the Unseeable
    Seth Fletcher


    An embedded journalist tells the tale of an Earth-sized telescope that could provide the first image of a black hole

    Size matters, especially when it comes to telescopes. This is partly because larger instruments collect more light and see better in the dark. But just as two separated eyes allow for stereo perception, the larger the distance between points on a telescope, or the farther apart several coordinated telescopes are, the more precisely distant objects… Read More
  • Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance
    Jane Drake and Ann Love


    Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance

    As the human population grows, we are relentlessly encroaching on the natural habitats that surround us. This book defines and describes the science and process of an increasingly important mechanism for conservation known as “rewilding.” Rewilders, we learn, want to restore habitats to their prehuman states, creating environments that can support native species and give… Read More
  • Light Waves
    David A. Adler, Illustrated by Anna Raff


    Light Waves

    From the dim flicker of a candle flame to the daily illumination provided by the Sun, visible light enables us to see our world. Despite its presence all around us, the properties of light can be confusing and counter-intuitive. Why, for example, does light, which travels in a straight line, appear to bend, when looking… Read More
  • Living Things and Nonliving Things: A Compare and Contrast Book
    Kevin Kurtz


    Living Things and Nonliving Things: A Compare and Contrast Book

    If we wanted to define “games,” we might say they involve competing, keeping score, following rules, and having fun. However, in some games, players cooperate and don’t keep score. And while all games have rules, so do many other activities that may or may not be fun. In this book, Kevin Kurtz extends this line… Read More
  • Dog Science Unleashed: Fun Activities to Do with Your Canine Companion
    Jodi Wheeler-Toppen, Photography by Matthew Rakola


    Dog Science Unleashed

    Dogs make for the perfect assistants for the activities in Dog Science Unleashed. This vivid volume lays out two dozen or so exercises that double as experiments, the goal of which is to better understand canine senses and physiology. The experiments are well described, with step-by-step instructions and photos. Most are easy to set up… Read More
  • Chasing New Horizons: Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto
    Alan Stern and David Grinspoon


    Chasing New Horizons: Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto

    On 14 July 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft flew past Pluto, capturing headlines around the world. Chasing New Horizons tells the story of that mission: how it was designed, funded, built, launched, and operated. The narrative is as recalled by Alan Stern, the mission’s principal investigator, written up by the astrobiologist and science communicator David… Read More
  • Many: The Diversity of Life on Earth
    Nicola Davies, Illustrated by Emily Sutton


    Many: The Diversity of Life on Earth

    In Many, a rosy-cheeked, red-haired explorer tries to answer the question so many scientists have pondered: “How many different kinds of living things are there on the planet?” She discovers elephants and oak trees, mushrooms and beetles, and mites and microbes. All of these species, she realizes, are interdependent, forming complex ecosystems. Here, the story… Read More
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