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  • Caesar’s Last Breath

    The word “gas” appropriately comes from the Greek word for chaos (khaos): Within these intangible substances are trillions of tiny particles flying around a… Read More
  • If You Were the Moon

    The Moon is a very busy celestial body, and Earthlings are lucky that it is so active. That’s the delightful premise of a new picture book by Laura Purdie Sal… Read More
  • Animals by the Numbers

    How does a human compare in size to a grizzly bear, colossal squid, or blue whale? Which animals have the longest tongues and how do they compare to their body… Read More
  • Droughts

    What is drought? Parched earth, empty reservoirs, and desert-like conditions may first spring to mind, but as Droughts makes clear to young readers, this pictur… Read More
  • Shark Lady

    The sight of a dorsal fin slicing through the water might strike fear into your heart, but Eugenie Clark saw things differently. Shark Lady tells the story of t… Read More
  • This Book Stinks!

    Did you know about one-sixth of garbage collected in the United States is burned? Or that you can recycle yoga mats into flip-flops? This Book Stinks! will fill… Read More
  • Quakeland

    The magnitude 5.8 earthquake that shook western Montana on 6 July 2017 is a reminder that earthquakes in the United States are not limited to the Pacific’s … Read More
  • Eye of the Storm

    Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma showed just how much destruction can arise when a category 4 or 5 storm makes landfall. But even a category 1 storm can be de… Read More
  • Magnets Push, Magnets Pull

    Magnets may seem like little miracles, but as Magnets Push, Magnets Pull shows, there are scientific explanations for all of magnetism’s extraordinary attribu… Read More
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