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  • City 40

    In 1945, the USSR built “City 40” along Lake Irtyash for workers and families linked to its Mayak plutonium production plant. It was a “closed city,” fe… Read More
  • Sacred Water: Standing Rock

    When filmmaker Michelle Latimer arrived last spring at the Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota to document opposition to the nearby construction of the Dakota Acc… Read More
  • Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman

    Commercial-scale food production and environmental conservation are often viewed as fundamentally at odds with one another. This documentary, based on the book… Read More
  • Light on Earth

    From natural sunlight to bulbs that glow and lasers that produce narrow beams, we use light to explore our world, to communicate, for security, and even as a we… Read More
  • The Age of Consequences

    Admirals, generals, and veterans are an unlikely bunch to interview for a documentary about global warming. However, in director Jared Scott’s brilliant new w… Read More
  • Forgotten Farms

    The picturesque dairy farms of New England are an industry in transition. From over 10,000 dairy farms some years ago, only about 2000 are still in production.… Read More
  • Food Evolution

    Francis Nanzin is a Ugandan subsistence farmer whose crops are among the half of Uganda’s banana trees that have been wiped out by a bacterial disease known a… Read More
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