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    Merchants of Doubt

    “I’m not a scientist, although I do play one on TV occasionally,” says Marc Morano, founder of the climate-change-denying website This statement summarizes the premise of Merchants of Doubt, a film that exposes the public relations tactics that are employed to cast doubt on science. Based on Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway’s 2010 book… Read More
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    How to Let Go of the World

    This unusually uplifting film about climate change starts and ends with a dance. At the start, filmmaker and narrator Josh Fox dances with joy because local protests have prevented oil and gas exploration in Delaware—only to realize that this local victory is not enough: The warming climate is allowing parasites to spread north, destroying hemlock… Read More
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    Women and Water

    A young Indian woman, heavy with child, carries a bright yellow plastic urn to the village well. Eight times a day, she hauls water from the well and carries it home to prepare food; wash children, floors, and pots; and tend to crops. She visits an obstetrician, who tells her she must not lift heavy… Read More
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    Ice and the Sky

    Claude Lorius arrived in Antarctica for the first time in 1956 on a trip that lasted 16 months but hooked him into a life dedicated to returning to the bitter cold. Ice and the Sky is a film that traces the French glaciologist’s life and discoveries. Director Luc Jacquet combines Lorius’s commentary with archival footage… Read More
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    Catching the Sun

    Would a switch from fossil fuels to solar power create or destroy more jobs? Would the installation of solar panels on houses and businesses empower individuals and communities? Would it truly shift wealth from megacorporations to the less wealthy? Although not directly asked, these questions emerge from the stories told in Catching the Sun from… Read More
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    Good Things Await

    This Danish film paints Niels Stokholm’s biodynamic farm Thorshøjgaard into a picture of hyperbolic beauty: sweeping shots of verdant landscape, sensitive close-ups of leaves dripping with morning dew, and sumptuous sunsets, all accompanied by goose-bump-raising vocals of an a capellachoir. First developed by philosopher Rudolf Steiner (whose thick tome on the subject Stokholm keeps readily… Read More
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    Ever the Land

    The Tūhoe people, or children of the mist, of the Māori tribe have suffered at the hands of the colonizing New Zealand government for more than a century. But Ever the Land is not a historical film. Rather, it is the story of a people who are ready to close the door on the troubles… Read More
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    The Babushkas of Chernobyl

    For the past 30 years, the Ukrainian town of Pripyat has had just one official identity: a forbidden wasteland permeated with radioactive dust. The catastrophic explosion of a reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 prompted the permanent evacuation of the entire city and all other areas within a 30-kilometer radius. But within… Read More
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    Science staff review 12 films featured at the 2016 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital

    In March 2016, the theaters, libraries, universities, and museums of Washington, D.C., were once again the setting for the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, an annual event (now in its 24th year) featuring more than 140 Earth-friendly films. A number of the 2016 selections sought to celebrate the centennial of the U.S. National… Read More