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Posts tagged with "Science Fiction"

  • Arthur C. Clarke at 100

    Arthur C. Clarke is best remembered as Stanley Kubrick’s partner in the creation of 2001: A Space Odyssey, a cinematic landmark in visual and technocultural storytelling. However, his most enduring legacy lives in his six-decade career as a science fiction and popular science writer. The centenary of his birth on 16 December is a good… Read More
  • Clockwork Futures

    “Steampunk,” for the unfamiliar, is a 19th-century aesthetic characterized by a fictional world where modern conveniences abound, propelled by atypical power sources (e.g., steam and coal) and energy convenience (e.g., gears and cogs). Clockwork Futures tells the stories of the real-life inventions that inspired the machines of the genre. The i… Read More
  • The next New York: A science fiction writer examines the peril and politics of urban climate change

    When the oceans rise, how will the world’s great coastal cities manage? Kim Stanley Robinson poses this question in New York 2140, a “cli-fi” novel (a subgenre of speculative fiction that revolves around the impact of climate change) whose cover image reverses the famous photograph of lower Manhattan gone dark after Hurricane Sandy, showing i… Read More
  • A futuristic time travel tale resonates today

    William Gibson both coined the term “cyberspace” and vividly brought it to life in his award-winning 1984 book, Neuromancer. In his latest science fiction novel, he fashions an intricate portrayal of the future that touches on a range of social and ethical issues. The result is an often satirical meditation on the science and politics… Read More