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December 28, 2009

The End of Origins

image This year, the worldwide community of science has marked the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth—and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species—with dozens of evolutionary-themed meetings, books, review papers, and Science’s own monthly Origins series. In this blog, we’ve both joined in and reported on these celebrations, covering the meetings, expanding on the essays, and highlighting the most current research on evolution in all its many forms. Now the blog, like the year itself, draws to a close; this will be our final entry. We hope you have found it both diverting and useful.

Of course, Science’s interest in origins and all things evolutionary continues. For although 2009’s evolutionary parties are ending, the science behind them continues to serve as the firm foundation of modern biology as well as a rich source of new research. You can see all our Year of Darwin coverage in one place here, and you can continue to find the latest on evolution in online news at ScienceNOW and in the news and research in the magazine itself. Thanks for reading!

The Origins Blog Editors: Elizabeth Culotta, Elizabeth Pennisi, John Travis


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Science’s interest in origins and all things evolutionary continues

Being a biologist with a vision Charles Darwin mesmerised the modern evolutionary biologists with his epoch making findings that he has published in his masterpiece work titled Origin of Species. Let me dedicate this column to this great scientist. Science magazine deserves special thanks for this article series on him.

i bet darwin wishes he was alive today.
he would love those gene-sequencers.


A cell's goal is to servive.

I think Darwin was close but I think most of the animals on the planet came from different starting points. I think we were clumps of cells that decided to live together as a better organism. One clump of cells moved towards this direction and another clumps of cells moved towards another direction. Cells formed at this end of the earth and cells formed at another part of the planet.

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