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  • Metformin Against Cancer?

    It’s always good to hear about an older compound that may be doing good things that we didn’t realize. The current example is metformin, the diabete… Read More
  • AMPK: Time To Think Hard

    AMP-activated protein kinase, now that’s an enzyme for you. It sits at the center of a cell’s metabolic switchboard, and if you’re talking abo… Read More
  • The Problem With Patents

    Fair warning: this is a post about patents and IP. I say that because in the past, I’ve practically been able to see the readers fleeing in real time when… Read More
  • Aging As a Disease

    I’ve mentioned numerous times around here that therapies directed against aging in general have a rough regulatory outlook. The FDA, in general, has not c… Read More
  • The Smallest Drugs

    Here is the updated version of the “smallest drugs” collection that I did the other day. Here are the criteria I used: the molecular weight cutoff w… Read More
  • Salary Freeze at Lilly

    We now return to our regularly schedule program around here – or at least, Eli Lilly is now returning to theirs. The company announced that they’re… Read More
  • That $43 Million R&D Figure

    One of the readers in the comments section to the last post noticed Rebecca Warburton trying to clarify that absurd $43-million-per-drug R&D figure. You… Read More