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Pfizer’s Cutbacks

Update: it appears that these are actually the previously announced Neuroscience cutbacks taking effect – some reports I’d received made it sound as if this were something new. I’ve changed the title of the post to reflect this.

I’ve heard from more than one source that Pfizer is making fairly broad cuts in research staffing (particularly on the biology end) as of yesterday and today. The company has made no announcement, so details are scant, but I’ll update them as things become more clear.

13 comments on “Pfizer’s Cutbacks”

  1. Steve Baker says:

    Recent Neuroscience announcement ?

    1. Derek Lowe says:

      From what I understand, those folks have already heard, and this is something further. But I’m hunting up more details. . .

      1. M says:

        This is another non-neurolo round

  2. UK1 says:

    Here’s your pink slip, lots of love, Pfizer. Best of luck to those effected from someone who has been there.

    1. UK2 says:

      Sorry… affected.

  3. Chrispy says:

    On the plus side, you don’t work for Pfizer anymore and can now wear this shirt:

    Not to be too snarky — getting laid off is grim and stressful. You will, however, be better for it. Pfizer is famous for treating their employees badly. Good luck to all those affected!

    1. Nick K says:

      There was also a wonderful song (“Shot by the Pfizer Gun”) about the early Pfizer firings. It seems to have disappeared from YouTube, alas.

  4. PA says:

    Perhaps a rippling effect of cutting one of their DAs and likely a third of their portfolio – meaning research discipline outside Neuro being reduced too – thinking chemistry, dmpk, safety, in vitro, in vivo etc

  5. Ian read says:

    Just preparing to acquire Novartis

  6. DireStraits says:

    There has been some consolidation of different ‘new technology’ groups including flow chemistry, photoredox, biocatalysis and DNA-encoded libraries, which resulted in number of redundancies. My understanding is that this is separate from the neuroscience announcement.

  7. Pfizer Joe says:

    Pfizer is not a friendly place to work to say the least. Some people probably deserved to be let go due to performance issues but many because their supervisor or supervisor’s boss had a grudge, or they were just too OLD!!! The silent layoff before this one I would guess 95% of the people let go were 55+ years. The people left behind with jobs are devastated as well. They also know their turn will come sooner rather than later. Packages were given , not too bad for this industry, but lives have been ruined. Many of the people let go will not find positions in the Groton area, or any area, so their 15 years + living in a community is destroyed, which has its own ripple effect. I don’t see how anyone with any hope of long term employment would accept a position at Pfizer, especially Groton.

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