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  • Fear Of Academic Chemistry?

    A comment to yesterday’s post made a point that seemed instantly familiar, but it’s one that my own thoughts had never quite put together. All of us… Read More
  • Short Topics From All Over

    (1) Bnet Pharma on “How Not to Write a Pharma Press Release“. Privately held Epeius is sending out bulletins loaded with phrases like “more st… Read More
  • The Grant Application Treadmill

    There’s a (justifiably) angry paper out in PLoS Biology discussing the nasty situation too many academic researchers find themselves in: spending all thei… Read More
  • To What End?

    I was looking through my RSS feed of journal articles this morning, and came across this new one in J. Med. Chem.. Now, there’s nothing particularly unusu… Read More
  • Just Give It to NIH

    I know that many people are getting tired of this topic. But many people who work in the industry have never met someone who’s convinced that drug compani… Read More
  • Wasted Money, Wasted Time?

    Now, while we’ve been talking about how much basic research is done in industry, or how much clinical research gets done in academia, here’s somethi… Read More
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