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  • More Hot Air From Me on Screening

    After yesterday’s post on pathway patents, I figured that I should talk about high-throughput screening in academia. I realize that there are some serious… Read More
  • Poor Equipment Revisited

    A colleague came by a while ago and said “You know, the comments to that last post of yours are in danger of turning into Monty Python’s Four Yorksh… Read More
  • The Perils of Poor Equipment

    The late Peter Medawar once wrote about resources and funding in research, and pointed out something that he thought did a lot more harm than good: various roma… Read More
  • More Than This

    Science is taking a look at the 1991 members of Yale’s Molecular Biology and Biophysics PhD program. The ostensible focus of the article is to see what the ef… Read More
  • Lowe’s Law of Diurnal Distribution

    Here’s an appropriate topic for a Friday, although at first many of you may think I’ve lost my mind. What would happen if you combed the full text of the ex… Read More
  • Getting To Lyrica

    There’s an interesting article in Angewandte Chemie by Richard Silverman of Northwestern, on the discovery of Lyrica (pregabalin). It’s a rare example of a… Read More
  • Scrape Off Some Attitude

    There is a pecking order in chemistry. That’s because there’s one everywhere. If it’s a human endeavor, staffed by humans, you’re going to have hierarch… Read More
  • Ugly, But Useful

      I also mentioned recently that I’d come across a good example of an academic compound with interesting activity but no chance of being a drug. Try this… Read More
  • Drugs From Where?

    The mention of tropical diseases here the other day turns out to be timely, since the latest Nature has several articles on various ways for industry and academ… Read More
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