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  • The Doctorate and Its Discontents

    The doctorate-or-not discussion is roaring along in the comments to the last post, and they’re well worth reading. I have a few more thoughts on the subje… Read More
  • Naked Synthesis

    There’s an unusual article in Nature that several folks have e-mailed me about. It’s unusual for several reasons. For one thing, it’s syntheti… Read More
  • What Can Academia Do?

    So, as reader CalProf asked in a comment the other day, what should academic scientists who want to help discover drugs be doing? As a first approximation, I… Read More
  • Problems and Solutions

    I had some e-mail from a graduate student in a good lab the other day, and I thought the questions raised were worth a blog post. He wrote: One thing which stan… Read More
  • Peter Kim, So Far

    There’s an article in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal (subscriber-only link here) (Update: also available freely here – thanks to Kyle of The… Read More
  • Not On the Same Page

    I mentioned phosphatase inhibitors while talking about okadaic acid the other day, and that brings me to a paper from the journal ChemBioChem (6, 1749) that I w… Read More
  • University of Drug Discovery?

    There’s an interesting letter to Science in the latest issue (Nov. 4, #5749, p. 777), in response to their special section on drug discovery in the July 2… Read More
  • The Great Divide

    A reader at a large research university sends this along for comment: “My advisor is a staunch skeptic of the value of “big pharma”. He recent… Read More
  • Mutual Suspicions

    I’m not saying these are all true, or true all the time. But here are three things that industrial pharma researchers tend to believe about academic ones: Read More
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