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  • Sneaking Out for an Interview

    There was a good question asked in the comments to the previous post on first job interviews: what do you talk about when you work at one company and you’ Read More
  • Getting A Job

    I’ve been seeing quite a few candidate seminars recently, so allow me to pass on some advice to those of you out on the first-job-in-the-drug-industry tra… Read More
  • More on Question Four

    I thought I’d briefly explain one of my “Ten Questions” from the other day. The old-fashioned qualitative organic tests that I mentioned in #4… Read More
  • Getting a Faster PhD?

    Being a harmless science blogger, I’ve stayed out of the whole Harvard/Summers/women-versus-men tar pit. (Proof that I don’t spend all my time fishi… Read More
  • The Bones of the World

    These two posts (here and here) over at Uncertain Principles are well worth reading if you like discussions of the divide between people who understand science… Read More
  • Don’t Become A Scientist?

    Over at Sean Carroll’s “Preposterous Universe”, there’s a post on a physicist’s advice to students who want to become scientists.… Read More
  • Gumming Up the Amyloid Works

    The October 29th issue of Science has an interesting article from a team at Stanford on a possible approach for Alzheimer’s therapy. The dominant Alzheime… Read More
  • The NIH in the Clinic

    OK, I couldn’t resist. Let me reiterate that I completely admire the NIH’s commitment to basic research; it’s one of the real drivers of scien… Read More
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