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  • A Real-World Can O’ Worms

    Here’s another example of academica and industry, and how it can be hard to divide out the credit. There’s a family of nuclear receptor proteins kno… Read More
  • How Much Basic Research?

    My long cri de couer last week continues to bring in a number of comments, which I appreciate. Matthew Holt of the Health Care Blog asks: How much money does th… Read More
  • How It Really Works

    So is this the attitude we’re up against? Here’s a thread on Slashdot on the clinical trial disclosure issue – titled, I note in light of yest… Read More
  • Stuart Schreiber on Stuart Schreiber

    The April issue of Drug Discovery Today has an intriguing interview (PDF file) with Stuart Schreiber of Harvard. Schreiber is an only partially human presence i… Read More
  • On the Money

    Greg Hlatky over at A Dog’s Lifeis right on target in his post of Tuesday the 24th. And that’s not just because he said that my posts always make hi… Read More
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