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  • PAINS Go Mainstream

    Well, I’m back in the Eastern Time Zone after flying in from Basel (and Amsterdam) yesterday. And the first thing I wanted to mention was this article fro… Read More
  • Are Your Compounds Ugly? Do You Know?

    A reader sends along this paper, on some small molecules targeting the C2 domain of coagulation factor VIII. It illustrates some points that have come up around… Read More
  • The Prospects of an Academic Job

    Over the years, there have been more comments than anyone can count here on the often-grim employment picture for chemistry and biology employment in biopharma. Read More
  • Where the Talent Comes From

    I occasionally talk about the ecosystem of the drug industry being harmed by all the disruptions of recent years, and this post by Bruce Booth is exactly the so… Read More
  • Changing A Broken Science System

    Here’s a suggestion for a total reform of the graduate student/postdoc system of scientific labor and training. It’s from a distinguished list of au… Read More
  • An All-In-One Alzheimer’s Paper

    A reader sent along this paper that’s come out recently in JACS, from a Michigan/South Korea/UCSB team of researchers. It’s directed towards a possi… Read More
  • The Seat of Learning, Indeed

    I’ve got to take my, uh, hat off to this idea. Rebecca Schuman at Missouri-St. Louis, who writes frequently on academic hiring, made an offer late last we… Read More
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