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  • Another Controversial Scaffold?

    My post the other day on a very unattractive screening hit/tool compound prompted a reader to mention this paper. It’s one from industry this time (AstraZ… Read More
  • Rearrange Those Chemists

    See Ahr Oh has a handy map of all the big recent faculty moves in the organic chemistry world, to help you keep up. Note that Nicolaou-to-Rice is still a dotted… Read More
  • Science Fiction Gets the Upper Hand

    I wrote here about the Cronin lab at Glasgow and their work on using 3-D printing technology to make small chemical reactors. Now there’s an article on th… Read More
  • Cheer For Good Ol’ Pfizer U

    The biggest pharma companies increasingly seem to feel as if they need universities nearby. We’ve talked about this trend before, and Pfizer’s curre… Read More
  • Lessons For a New Medicinal Chemist

    I gave my talk at the Drew University Medicinal Chemistry course, and it got me to thinking about when I was there (1990 or 1991), and my early days in medicina… Read More
  • Return of the Rhodanome

    I do hate to bring up rhodanines again, but I’m not the one who keeps making the things. This paper from ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters turns out dozens… Read More
  • Anonymous Grant Review Gets A Try

    Anonymity is a topic that comes up whenever you talk about commenting on published scientific work. Some people are very uncomfortable with the idea of others b… Read More
  • A Molecular Craigslist?

    Mat Todd at the University of Sydney (whose open-source drug discovery work on schistosomiasis I wrote about here) has an interesting chemical suggestion. His l… Read More
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