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  • Translation Needed

    The “Opinionator” blog at the New York Times is trying here, but there’s something not quite right. David Bornstein, in fact, gets off on the… Read More
  • Nothing Personal

    There’s an interesting follow-up over at SciBX to Bruce Booth’s piece on the reproducibility of academic research. Booth, in his position as a ventu… Read More
  • The NIH Goes For the Gusto

    Here’s an interesting funding opportunity from NIH: Recent advances in neuroscience offer unprecedented opportunities to discover new treatments for nervo… Read More
  • More On the Postdoc Situation

    Here’s a good article (“Academia Faces PhD Overload”) via Genomeweb on the academic post-doc situation in the sciences, which we were last dis… Read More
  • A Postdoc’s Lament

    Here’s a call to make something different out of the postdoctoral position. Says Jennifer Rohn in Nature News: “. . .we should professionalize the p… Read More
  • New Cures! Faster! Faster!

    I wrote here the other day about the NIH’s new translational medicine plans. The New York Times article that brought this to wide attention didn’t g… Read More
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