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  • Cellular Rejuvenation, For Real

    There’s been a good amount of coverage of this paper, which is certainly worth a read. It concerns the “Yamanaka factors”, four proteins whose… Read More
  • A Shady Trial?

    The “young blood” research field is moving right along, but there are reasons to wonder about some of the directions it’s moving in. I’m… Read More
  • The Samumed Story

    Biopharma can be a weird place. Breakthroughs happen, although not as often as the press releases would have everyone believe, and we certainly don’t alwa… Read More
  • A Nobel for DNA Repair

    This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to Tomas Lindahl of the Crick Institute, Paul Modrich of Duke/Howard Hughes Medical Institue and Aziz Sancar o… Read More
  • Young Blood, Revisited

    Here’s an update on the state of those studies that showed that infusing blood of younger animals into olders ones reversed some effects of again. Human s… Read More
  • Another Longevity Target

    Add another potential target to the longevity list: this paper in Cell (open access, actually) provides evidence that the well-known Ras-ERK-ETS pathway is also… Read More
  • Aging As a Disease

    I’ve mentioned numerous times around here that therapies directed against aging in general have a rough regulatory outlook. The FDA, in general, has not c… Read More
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