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  • A Young Blood Controversy

    The recent revival of interest in the way that the blood from younger animals (and people?) can improve the health of older ones came bundled with a particular… Read More
  • Metformin for Aging in General?

    Here’s an interesting report in the Wall Street Journal on plans to run a large clinical trial with metformin. That compound has a lot of effects, and man… Read More
  • Ibuprofen For a Longer Life?

    Here’s one that I didn’t expect: a report that ibuprofen extends lifespan in model organisms. Here we show that ibuprofen increased the lifespan of… Read More
  • Young Blood

    Anti-aging studies, when they make the news, fall into three unequal categories. There’s a vast pile of quackery, which mercifully isn’t (for the mo… Read More
  • Boost Your NAD And Fix It All?

    Here’s a paper from a few weeks back that I missed during the holidays: work from the Sinclair labs at Harvard showing a new connection between SIRT1 and… Read More
  • Google Versus Aging

    If you haven’t heard that Google is now funding research into human aging and lifespan, they’ll be very disappointed. There’s been plenty of p… Read More
  • A New Pathway For Memory

    As someone who will not be seeing the age of 50 again, I find a good deal of hope in a study out this week from Eric Kandel and co-workers at Columbia. In Scien… Read More
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