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  • Take These?

    A reader sends along a note about this patent application from the University of Rochester. The inventor, David Goldfarb, seems to have used an assay (the subje… Read More
  • Rapamycin for Alzheimer’s?

    Last summer a paper was published (PDF) showing rapamycin dosing appeared to lengthen lifespan in mice. (In that second link, I went more into the background of… Read More
  • The Problem With Research on Aging

    Nature has a review of a new book on the anti-aging field, Eternity Soup by Greg Critser, and I found this part very instructive. The same things apply to sever… Read More
  • BioTime’s Cellular Aging Results

    A small company called BioTime has gotten a lot of attention in the last couple of days after a press release about cellular aging. To give you an idea of the c… Read More
  • A GSK/Sirtris Wrap-Up

    Nature Biotechnology weighs in on the GSK/Sirtris controversy. They have a lot of good information, and I’m not just saying that because someone there has… Read More
  • A Storm in a Teacup

    So says GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty about the Sirtris controversy – see this Forbes story for more. I hope he’s right. I actually would like to… Read More
  • GSK and Sirtris: A Bit More

    Nature has a short item on the Pfizer paper that questions the reproducibility of some key sirtuin work (covered here and here). There are some good points to t… Read More
  • Sirtuin Scenarios

    So, after reading what Pfizer has to say about Sirtris (and by extension, about GlaxoSmithKline’s heavy investment in them), let’s go over the possi… Read More
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