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  • What Exactly Does Resveratrol Do?

    Resveratrol’s a mighty interesting compound. It seems to extend lifespan in yeast and various lower organisms, and has a wide range of effects in mice. Fa… Read More
  • A Nobel for Telomerase

    As many had expected, a Nobel Prize has been awarded to Elizabeth Blackburn (of UCSF), Carol Greider (of Johns Hopkins), and Jack Szostak (of Harvard Medical Sc… Read More
  • Resveratrol in Mice

    Since it’s a favorite topic of mine, I really have to point out this study in PLoS ONE on resveratrol. A large collaboration looked at the gene transcription… Read More
  • Why Buy, Anyway?

    I don’t want to say that this is a trend, but I notice that GSK is saying that they’re going to leave Sirtris more or less alone as well (as Takeda has said… Read More
  • Breaking the Contract of Aging

    Update: Prof. de Grey responds to Jim Hu’s criticisms below I didn’t note it at the time here, but back in November there was a very interesting paper i… Read More
  • More Sirtuins With More Effects

    It’s been a while since I talked about sirtuins, but the field has not been quiet. The latest data is a paper in Cell which set off a strong move in the stock… Read More
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