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  • Aging and Lifespan

    And Thee, O Time

    Back in 2003, I wrote about the paper that identified the natural product resveratrol as an activator of the sirtuin deacetylase pathway. This may well be the common thread between a host of studies on life-extending genes in model organisms and the much-publicized phenomenon of life extension through caloric restriction. In other words, if you… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    Sir2 Surprise

    I’ve written before about the gene known as SIR2. Overexpression of it (or its homologs in different animals) extends lifespan in a range of organisms, and there’s been a tremendous amount of research on these over the last few years. A good deal of evidence has linked them to the known life-extending effects of caloric… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    Klotho: Sooner Than You Think?

    There’s been a lot of news in the aging-research area about the Klotho gene (and its associated protein) the last few years. Now there’s a recent paper in Science that is bringing it back into the spotlight. I won’t go into all the details – that link and this one will give you some good… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    Breathing and Aging

    I’ve written about the idea that aging is related to oxidative damage (most recently on June 3.) There’s a lot of support for it, and the documented life-extending properties of caloric restriction are thought by many to be tied into this hypothesis. CR has worked in (for example) fruit flies and rodents, and some slow-moving… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    When Natural Selection’s Through With You – Part II

    Another useful paper (Science 296, 1276) has come out on the mechanisms of aging. Ever since the 1950s, the idea of accumulating free radical damage has been a strong contender, to the point that it’s been absorbed into popular culture. All the free radicals needed for this damage to take place are produced by our… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    After Natural Selection’s Through With You

    There’s an interesting article on aging in the latest issue of Current Biology. The researchers used gene-chip assays, which look at over 13,000 genes simultaneously for signs of up- or down-regulation, in populations of aging fruit flies. Fruit flies share a rather unnerving number of similar genes with other animals (all the way up to… Read More