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  • Rapamycin for Alzheimer’s?

    Last summer a paper was published (PDF) showing rapamycin dosing appeared to lengthen lifespan in mice. (In that second link, I went more into the background of… Read More
  • Beta-Amyloid: An Antibiotic?

    Now here’s something that I don’t think anyone expected. A recent paper in PLoS One makes the case that beta-amyloid, the protein that has been fing… Read More
  • Dimebon, Grasping at Straws

    Robert Langreth, an editor at Forbes, points to a possible way that Dimebon could get approval for Alzheimer’s: for its behavioral effects, not anything t… Read More
  • Dimebon Comes Crashing to Earth

    Earlier this month I wrote about Medivation and their Russian-derived clinical candidate for Alzheimer’s disease, Dimebon (latrepirdine). At the time, I w… Read More
  • A Modest Literature Proposal

    Looking through the latest papers to show up in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, this one on BACE-1 inhibitor compounds caught my eye. Perhaps I’m abou… Read More
  • Two Doses of Crazy

    I’d like to take the time this morning to deal with two conspiracy theorists, and I’ll take them in order of increasing foil-hat thickness. First up… Read More
  • Short Topics From All Over

    (1) Bnet Pharma on “How Not to Write a Pharma Press Release“. Privately held Epeius is sending out bulletins loaded with phrases like “more st… Read More
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