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  • In Which I Hate A Wonder Drug

    Schering-Plough has had its share of troubles over the years, but the company has also seen itself saved by some pretty unlikely compounds. Vytorin (ezetimibe)… Read More
  • ApoE4: Test or Not?

    Science has coverage of a diagnostic test for the APOE gene that’s coming into the market. For about $400, you can find out what form of the protein you have. Read More
  • Fast Plaques in a Slow Disease

    One of the first projects I ever worked on when I started in industry was targeting Alzheimer’s disease. Things could have easily worked out to find me st… Read More
  • Beta-Secretase: Not So Fast?

    (My apologies for no update today – it’s been hectic around here, for reasons that I hope to be able to reveal soon). Some of the first work I did i… Read More
  • A Trial Too Far

    So Johnson and Johnson is the latest company to try to broaden their market for a drug and run into cardiovascular side effects. Their Alzheimer’s drug Re… Read More
  • Gumming Up the Amyloid Works

    The October 29th issue of Science has an interesting article from a team at Stanford on a possible approach for Alzheimer’s therapy. The dominant Alzheime… Read More
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