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  • Alzheimer's Disease

    In Which I Hate A Wonder Drug

    Schering-Plough has had its share of troubles over the years, but the company has also seen itself saved by some pretty unlikely compounds. Vytorin (ezetimibe) is the example I’ve spoken about here, and if the drug doesn’t seem like a savior at the moment, well, you have to keep in mind that it was the… Read More
  • Alzheimer's Disease

    Alzheimer’s: A Report From the Front

    Several recent papers in Neurology offer some interesting ideas on Alzheimer’s disease. The one that’s getting some headlines today suggests that long-term use of ibuprofen has a protective effect against the disease. Actually, the authors looked at all sorts of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs, but the correlation was strongest for… Read More
  • Alzheimer's Disease

    ApoE4: Test or Not?

    Science has coverage of a diagnostic test for the APOE gene that’s coming into the market. For about $400, you can find out what form of the protein you have. The problem is, the main thing this test is good for is telling you that you have a greater-than-average chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease, which… Read More
  • Alzheimer's Disease

    Fast Plaques in a Slow Disease

    One of the first projects I ever worked on when I started in industry was targeting Alzheimer’s disease. Things could have easily worked out to find me still targeting Alzheimer’s disease, nearly twenty years later, because the standard of care really hasn’t advanced all that much in the intervening years. It’s a hard, hard… Read More
  • Alzheimer's Disease

    Checking The Numbers on the Alzheimer’s Test

    The news of a possible diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease is very interesting, although there’s always room to wonder about the utility of a diagnosis of a disease for which there is little effective therapy. The sample size for this study is smaller than I’d like to see, but the protein markers that they’re finding… Read More
  • Alzheimer's Disease

    Beta-Secretase: Not So Fast?

    (My apologies for no update today – it’s been hectic around here, for reasons that I hope to be able to reveal soon). Some of the first work I did in the industry was on Alzheimer’s disease. It’s hard stuff to deal with, and it was even hard seventeen years ago, I can tell you. Read More
  • Alzheimer's Disease

    Failure: Not Your Friend, But Definitely Your Companion

    Here’s something that you don’t see discussed very often, but it’s worth some thought: what kind of personality do you need to have to do drug discovery research? Clearly, any conclusions are going to carry over well to other fields, but drug work has some peculiarities that can’t be ignored. The most obvious one is… Read More
  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Alzheimer's Disease

    A Trial Too Far

    So Johnson and Johnson is the latest company to try to broaden their market for a drug and run into cardiovascular side effects. Their Alzheimer’s drug Reminyl (galantamine), makes some money, but is hardly a blockbuster. It’s a natural product (derived from daffodil bulbs, of all things), and it’s a cholinesterase inhibitor, the… Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    Gumming Up the Amyloid Works

    The October 29th issue of Science has an interesting article from a team at Stanford on a possible approach for Alzheimer’s therapy. The dominant Alzheimer’s hypothesis, as everyone will probably have heard, is that the aggregation of amyloid protein into plaques in the brain is the driving force of the disease. There’s some well- Read More