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  • Stereochemical Mysteries, Solved

    Ask a chemist (I’ll do) about optical rotation, and you’ll get a confident answer about how right- and left-handed isomers of chiral compounds will… Read More
  • A Rain of Tiny Droplets

    You might be surprised to know how little we chemists know about what our reactions are really doing. A case in point is the “on water” field. Water… Read More
  • A Nobel for Cryo-EM

    The Chemistry Nobel committee seems to have taken everyone by surprise today with their award for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). That’s not because i… Read More
  • Short Chemistry Topics

    Blogging time is tight today, but there are several interesting stories and follow-ups that I wanted to mention. For starters, I wrote here about a cyclohexane… Read More
  • Tie Your Crystals Into Knots

    Chemists love crystals. We don’t do as much recrystallization as we used to, since there are higher-throughput (and less labor-intensive) ways of purifyin… Read More
  • Rise of the Electron Beams

    There was apparently a very impressive talk from Sriram Subramaniam on cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) at the Computer-Assisted Drug Design Gordon Conferenc… Read More
  • Enantioselectivity With Microwaves

    This new paper is a very interesting approach to chiral separation, and I would like to go into detail about how it works. Unfortunately, section 2 of the Supp… Read More
  • A New Factor in Protein Folding

    I linked to this particular XKCD strip when it came out, but it came right back to mind when I saw this paper, on a new kind of intramolecular interaction in pr… Read More
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