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  • Short Chemistry Topics

    Blogging time is tight today, but there are several interesting stories and follow-ups that I wanted to mention. For starters, I wrote here about a cyclohexane… Read More
  • Tie Your Crystals Into Knots

    Chemists love crystals. We don’t do as much recrystallization as we used to, since there are higher-throughput (and less labor-intensive) ways of purifyin… Read More
  • Rise of the Electron Beams

    There was apparently a very impressive talk from Sriram Subramaniam on cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) at the Computer-Assisted Drug Design Gordon Conferenc… Read More
  • Enantioselectivity With Microwaves

    This new paper is a very interesting approach to chiral separation, and I would like to go into detail about how it works. Unfortunately, section 2 of the Supp… Read More
  • A New Factor in Protein Folding

    I linked to this particular XKCD strip when it came out, but it came right back to mind when I saw this paper, on a new kind of intramolecular interaction in pr… Read More
  • A Rebirth for IR Spectroscopy?

    As new technologies develop, they can end up bringing back some old ones. That might be the case for infrared spectroscopy. Most organic chemists use it infrequ… Read More
  • Triangulene, By Force

    The molecule on the right is triangulene, and it’s an odd one. You’d think at first that you could fill everything in with alternating double bonds… Read More
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