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  • An NMR Poster

    Here’s a very nice poster-style presentation of proton NMR and spectral interpretation, courtesy of Jon Chui. I wish I’d had something like it when… Read More
  • Proteins in a Living Cell

    It’s messy inside a cell. The closer we look, the more seems to be going on. And now there’s a closer look than ever at the state of proteins inside… Read More
  • Fishing Around for Biomarkers

    Everyone in this industry wants to have good, predictive biomarkers for human diseases. We’ve wanted that for a very long time, though, and in most cases… Read More
  • Detecting Single Cancer Cells

    This story on a new diagnostic method in oncology is getting a lot of attention in the press. It’s a collaboration between J&J, a small company they… Read More
  • Enthalpy and Entropy Again

    Earlier this year, I wrote here about using calorimetry in drug discovery. Years ago, people would have given you the raised eyebrow if you’d suggested th… Read More
  • The Latest Technology

    Well, the latest for 1960, anyway. That’s the Bruker KIS-1 NMR machine there, folks, operating at 25 MHZ, and ready to dim the lights in the whole buildin… Read More
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