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  • More Binding Site Weirdness

    Now here’s an oddity: medicinal chemists are used to seeing the two enantiomers (mirror image compounds, for those outside the field) showing different ac… Read More
  • A Nobel for Ribosome Structure

    This was another Biology-for-Chemistry year for the Nobel Committee. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (Cambridge), Thomas Steitz (Yale) and Ada Yonath (Weizmann Inst.)… Read More
  • Tie Me Molecule Down, Sport

    There are a huge number of techniques in the protein world that relay on tying down some binding partner onto some kind of solid support. When you’re talking… Read More
  • The Great Acetonitrile Shortage

    Now here’s a news item that I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard about unless you work in or near a laboratory. We’re in the middle of an extreme shortage… Read More
  • You Call That An X-Ray Source?

    Over the years, when some puzzling feature of a drug candidate’s binding to a target came up, I’ve often said “Well, we’re not going to know what’s ha… Read More
  • X-Ray Structures: Handle With Care

    X-ray crystallography is wonderful stuff – I think you’ll get chemists to generally agree on that. There’s no other technique that can provide such certai… Read More
  • Start Small, Start Right

    There’s an excellent paper in the most recent issue of Chemistry and Biology that illustrates some of what fragment-based drug discovery is all about. The aut… Read More
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