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  • Not So Verily

    The folks at Stat clearly have some good sources inside Google’s Verily startup. They ran a story back in March about problems with the CEO (blogged about… Read More
  • One Fragment to Bind Them All

    A colleague put me onto this paper, which appears in a journal (IUCrJ) that it’s safe to say that I don’t keep up with very closely. The authors, fr… Read More
  • The X-Ray Future, And Others

    It’s been up for a while, but I found this essay on the future of X-ray crystallography at Chemical and Engineering News to be interesting. It was part of… Read More
  • So What Exactly is SCR7?

    Those of you who are into CRISPR will likely have heard for SCR7. It’s a compound added to the system that seems to enhance its efficiency and specificity… Read More
  • The Case For Non-Biogenic Tramadol

    The battle over whether tramadol is a natural product or not has been a heated one. Over the last couple of years, it was reported to be produced by a west Afri… Read More
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