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  • Theranos And Its Blood Test Machine

    Theranos is a very high-profile startup doing blood tests. You’ve probably come across them (or their founder, Elizabeth Holmes), promoting “X numbe… Read More
  • Immunology, Under the Hood

    Here’s an example of the move to nanoscale that I was writing about the other day, but from the other end of the stick. As chemists have been moving up fr… Read More
  • Invisible Crystals Yield Structure

    A crystallographer colleague passes on this new paper, which I find very interesting and just a bit freaky. The authors (a collaboration between UCLA, HHMI, LBN… Read More
  • Irisin Fights Back

    Irisin is the so-called “exercise hormone”, and it’s been the subject of a lot of controversy since its discovery. Not everyone is convinced t… Read More
  • Asphalt, Up Close and Personal

    I wrote not long ago about another use of atomic force microscopy images to determine chemical structures, and now here’s another paper on the same gener… Read More
  • Picky, Picky NMR Magnets

    Unless you’ve had to take care of an NMR facility, you might not have realized how many large chunks of ferromagnetic material might be moving around clos… Read More
  • Cryo-EM On the March

    Cryo-electron microscopy has been scoring some real successes lately as a structural biology technique. Anything that provides protein structures without having… Read More
  • The Tramadol Wars

    You may recall the report of the synthetic analgesic tramadol as a natural product from Cameroon, and the subsequent report that it was nothing of the kind. (Th… Read More
  • Tiny (And Not So Tiny) Changes

    A huge amount of medicinal chemistry – and a huge amount of medicine – depends on small molecules binding to protein targets. Despite decades of stu… Read More
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