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  • X-Ray Sponges Ride Again

    The Fujita group has a new paper out on their “crystalline sponge” method for X-ray structure determination. I had the chance to hear Prof. Fujita s… Read More
  • Fun With Thermodynamics

    Here’s a very good review in J. Med. Chem. on thermodynamics and drug discovery. That topic has come up at this site several times over the years, and I&# Read More
  • Better Drinking Through Chemistry

    This is a fascinating article about a guy who’s looking into the chemistry of aged spirits – rum, whiskey, cognac, and so on – and trying to f… Read More
  • Herbal Disclosure

    Rather quickly, we have some results from that conflict between the New York State Attorney General and the herbal supplements retailers. GNC has reached a deal… Read More
  • More Herbal Goodness

    As many will have heard, the New York State Attorney General’s office is going after a number of herbal supplement retailers for selling products with poo… Read More
  • Guidelines For MOF Crystallography

    There’s a new and very useful paper out on the “molecular sponge” technique for crystallography (first blogged about here, with updates here a… Read More
  • NMR of a Mass Spec Species

    I have to say, I didn’t even know that this could be done. This paper from Angewandte Chemie describes a mass spec/NMR combination analysis that had never… Read More
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