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  • The 3D Fragment Consortium

    Fragment-based screening comes up here fairly often (and if you’re interested in the field, you should also have Practical Fragments on your reading list) Read More
  • Touching Up the Spectra

    Organic chemists have been taking NMR spectra for quite a while now. Routine use came on in the 1960s, and higher-field instruments went from exotic big-ticket… Read More
  • GPCRs Are As Crazy As You Thought

    That’s my take-away from this paper, which takes a deep look at a reconstituted beta-adrenergic receptor via fluorine NMR. There are at least four distinc… Read More
  • Check Out These Molecules

    It’s molecular imaging week! See Arr Oh and others have sent along this paper from Science, a really wonderful example of atomic-level work. (For those wi… Read More
  • Mass Spec Continues Its Conquests

    You know, mass spectrometry has been gradually taking over the world. Well, maybe not your world, but mine (and that of a lot of biopharma/biophysical researche… Read More
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