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  • Every Tiny Detail

    Via Chemjobber, we have here an excellent example of how much detail you have to get into if you’re seriously making a drug for the market. When you have… Read More
  • Picosecond Protein Watching

    We’re getting closer to real-time X-ray structures of protein function, and I think I speak for a lot of chemists and biologists when I say that this has… Read More
  • GSK’s Anti-Doping Ad

    Courtesy of a reader in the UK, here’s an ad from GlaxoSmithKline that I don’t think has been seen much on this side of the Atlantic. I hadn’t… Read More
  • Bungled Structure, And How

    A lot of natural product structures have been misassigned over the years. In the old days, it was a wonder when you were able to assign a complex one at all. St… Read More
  • Fluorine NMR: Why Not?

    Fluorine NMR is underused in chemistry. Well, then again, maybe it’s not, but it’s one of those thing that just seems like it should have more uses… Read More
  • An NMR Poster

    Here’s a very nice poster-style presentation of proton NMR and spectral interpretation, courtesy of Jon Chui. I wish I’d had something like it when… Read More
  • Proteins in a Living Cell

    It’s messy inside a cell. The closer we look, the more seems to be going on. And now there’s a closer look than ever at the state of proteins inside… Read More
  • Fishing Around for Biomarkers

    Everyone in this industry wants to have good, predictive biomarkers for human diseases. We’ve wanted that for a very long time, though, and in most cases… Read More
  • Detecting Single Cancer Cells

    This story on a new diagnostic method in oncology is getting a lot of attention in the press. It’s a collaboration between J&J, a small company they… Read More
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