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  • Charles River Buys WuXi

    I don’t think we saw this one coming: Charles River Labs has announced that they’re buying WuXi PharmaTech. They’re paying about a 28% premium… Read More
  • Fat Rats Make Poor Test Subjects?

    Well, here’s a brow-furrowing paper, courtesy of PNAS. Th authors, from the National Institute on Aging, contend that most laboratory rodents are overfed… Read More
  • Animal Rights, You Say?

    Novartis has had trouble for years with animal rights activists, and now things are getting nastier than ever: Novartis CEO Daniel Vasella says the people who b… Read More
  • Whose Guess Is Better?

    I was having a discussion the other day about which therapeutic areas have the best predictive assays. That is, what diseases can you be reasonably sure of trea… Read More
  • The Animal Testing Hierarchy

    I’ve had some questions about animal models and testing, so I thought I’d go over the general picture. As far as I can tell, my experience has been… Read More
  • Unacceptable

    I’ve had reports that some of the animal rights activists are getting loud and lively down in Connecticut, to the point of harassing employees of some of the… Read More
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