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  • Less Than Zero

    When I wrote about lousy animal models of disease a few days ago, there was a general principle at the back of my mind. (There generally is – my wife, ove… Read More
  • Formally Undecideable

    A comment to the last post asked a good question, one that occurs to everyone in the drug industry early in their career: how many useful drugs do we lose due t… Read More
  • Rats Rule, Right?

    So, you’re developing a drug candidate. You’ve settled on what looks like a good compound – it has the activity you want in your mouse model o… Read More
  • Ends, Means, Rats, and Dogs

    Many readers will have heard of the years-long campaign in England against Huntingdon Life Sciences, a research animal breeding and testing company. (These tug- Read More
  • Model Systems, From Inside and Out

    I’ve mentioned before that one of our big problems in the drug industry seems to be finding compounds that work in man. I know, that sounds pretty obvious… Read More
  • Furry Judges, With Tails

    The phrase “guinea pig” entered the language a long time ago as slang for “test animal”, but I’ve yet to make a compound that̵… Read More
  • Rats, For Fear of Worse

    I’ve had some mail asking a good (and Frequently Asked) question: how good are the alternatives to animal testing? How close are we to not dosing animals… Read More
  • You’ll Only Get Answers

    I mentioned the other day that I’ve usually had a good response when I tell people about what I do for a living. There are exceptions, though. A few years… Read More
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