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  • More Vaccine Fearmongering

    Seth Mnookin’s The Panic Virus is an excellent overview of the vaccine/autism arguments that raged for many years (and rage still in the heads of the igno… Read More
  • What Autism Epidemic?

    There’s a new study out looking at the prevalence of autism across different age groups across the United Kingdom. Since autism shows up in childhood, if… Read More
  • Vaccines in the Court

    The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a vaccine-liability case, in an attempt to untangle conflicting lower court rulings. This all turns on the 1986 act that sh… Read More
  • Thimerosal. Again.

    Yet another study has shown no link between the former vaccine additive thimerosal and neurological problems in children. This one evaluated over a thousand sev… Read More
  • Thimerosal, Again

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has helped to put this issue right back on the front pages again. I spoke a lot about thimerosal in vaccines, and its putative link to au… Read More
  • A Mechanism for Thimerosal

    There’s some fresh news in the (quite possibly endless) debate about the vaccine preservative thimerosal. The Institute of Medicine is working on another… Read More
  • Here and There

    I wanted to take a moment to mention some interesting posts around Blogdom that readers may not have seen. In a response to the news on secretin for autism (see… Read More
  • Compare and Contrast

    Dwight Meredith over at PLA pointed out to me that the UC-Davis study on the prevalence of autism in California is online. It hasn’t been published in a j… Read More
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