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    Now this is quite a development: 23andMe is the personal genomics company that had a run-in with the FDA and is still trying to come to terms with the agency over the reporting of their customers’ genetic information. They also have a new collaboration with Pfizer to apply their genomics database to drug discovery. The… Read More
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    The Junk DNA Fight

    From yesterday’s New York Times Magazine, here’s an excellent intro by Carl Zimmer to the Junk DNA Wars. In January, Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, made a comment that revealed just how far the consensus has moved. At a health care conference in San Francisco, an audience member asked him… Read More
  • Biological News

    Gene Editing Therapies Thunder Along

    Here’s a one-stop way to get caught up with all the therapeutic gene editing technologies out there, courtesy of Nature Medicine. Huge amounts of money are flowing into this area, because CRISPR/Cas9 looks so solid, compared to the various other things that have been tried in the past. But zinc finger nuclease and TALEN are… Read More
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    Refold Those Proteins

    Anyone who expresses and purifies proteins for a living has had to do plenty of refolding over the years. Some proteins are rock-solid rock stars – carbonic anhydrase, say. You can do most anything to them and they just shrug it off. But those are exceptions. A lot of interesting proteins are prima donnas – Read More
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    A New Cell Assay -And What It Says About Stapled Peptides

    I’m always looking out for new assays that might tell us what the heck is going on inside cells, so this paper caught my eye. The authors describe a new luciferase-based complementation assay for detecting protein-protein interactions. There are several things like this in the literature already (and for sale, too), but this one has… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    Ibuprofen For a Longer Life?

    Here’s one that I didn’t expect: a report that ibuprofen extends lifespan in model organisms. Here we show that ibuprofen increased the lifespan of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila melanogaster, indicative of conserved eukaryotic longevity effects. Studies in yeast indicate that ibuprofen destabilizes the… Read More
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    J. Already Known Chem.

    A reader sent along this paper, which recently appeared in JACS. He’d read it and was puzzled – not by the content of the paper, but as to “how it got into JACS”. So I had a look. It’s on the peptide hormone oxyntomodulin, a 37-residue species closely related to glucagon which stimulates insulin release… Read More
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    Cells In Disguise

    This is a good read for anyone who’s depending on cell assays to tell them something useful. Longtime cell biologists will know that there have been several upheavals over the years about misidentified or contaminated cell lines. HeLa cells have been involved in several of these, as well as mycoplasma and other unwanted guests. In… Read More
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    Who Owns CRISPR?

    Update: see also this post at Xconomy for a look at this issue. CRISPR/Cas9 is an excellent technique for gene manipulation. Its discovery is absolutely going to be the subject of a Nobel prize; I think it’s pretty much of a lock. But at the moment, there’s a vicious legal fight going on over who… Read More
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    Cambrian Genomics Does It All

    I’d like to echo this question over at Chemjobber’s blog. What is Cambrian Genomics talking about? For example, see this Q&A: How do you plan to stop people from using your technology to create very dangerous microorganisms? Virtualization. Instead of mailing out DNA we will send the DNA to a virtualization center like Transcriptic… Read More