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  • Biological News

    Inside Moderna (A Little Bit)

    Here’s a look at Moderna, the mRNA-based company who have been signed so many gigantic deals over the last few years. From the outside, I’ve always regarded them as enigmatic, and I’m apparently not alone: But Moderna is also something of a mystery. As a private firm, it has revealed very little of its research. Read More
  • Biological News

    Guess What: Your Peers Are Already Reviewing You

    Looks like there are biologists who are getting a chance to figure out what social media can do to communication in their field. Nature News reports on the response to a PNAS paper published late last year from the Mouse ENCODE consortium. That one looked at gene expression profiling in various mouse tissue samples, and… Read More
  • Biological News

    Crappy Antibodies: Available Now, and for the Foreseeable Future

    I made a brief mention of this article yesterday, but I wanted to highlight it. It’s a look, from Nature News, at the broader implications of the antibody problem in research. Antibodies are, of course, universal reagents in molecular biology assays. If you suddenly declared their use illegal, the field would just collapse. But we… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    A Young Blood Controversy

    The recent revival of interest in the way that the blood from younger animals (and people?) can improve the health of older ones came bundled with a particular protein candidate for the effect, GDF11. Several papers appeared on its effects in vivo, but there were people who found that odd, according to Nature News. Those… Read More
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    Human CRISPR

    Biocentury has a roundup of reactions to the recent human CRISPR paper: There’s no dispute that because the technology is in its infancy, much more work needs to be done to establish its safety. Stakeholders also agree that no experiments should be done, at least for now, in clinical programs that would involve modifying germline… Read More
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    CRISPR Gene Editing in Human Embryos: Not So Fast

    As you’ll have heard, the rumors that CRISPR/Cas9 experiments had been performed on human embryonic tissue have turned out to be true. The recent calls for a temporary moratorium on such work were said to have been prompted by word that such a paper was being reviewed, and indeed, the paper that has appeared was… Read More
  • Biological News

    Review of Reviews

    Several papers of interest, in the “catching up with the literature” vein. For you stapled peptide fans, here’s a review of their possible therapeutic uses, with what’s been accomplished so far. And for people interested in therapeutic editing of the human genome, and that’s a large group of people, here’s a new… Read More
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    Rotten Rottlerin

    Here’s one of the problems with the various schemes to do “deep learning” using the published scientific literature: a fair proportion of that literature is junk. This is not news, of course, and to some extent I feel that that’s always been the case. The pressures to publish, and the corresponding rise of publishing fraud… Read More
  • Biological News

    A Couple of Ycombinator’s Startups

    Last year I mentioned reports that the startup incubator Ycombinator was thinking of getting into the biopharma field. Here’s a look at the current crop of potential companies. One thing that stands out is that most of these seem to be focused on patient care or some sort of diagnostic. One exception is 20n, which… Read More
  • Biological News

    Human Gene Editing

    Well, if you needed any more proof about how powerful and easy to use the CRISPR/Cas9 technique is for gene editing, take a look at today’s headlines on it: A group of leading biologists on Thursday called for a worldwide moratorium on use of a new genome-editing technique that would alter human DNA in a… Read More