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  • Who Owns CRISPR?

    Update: see also this post at Xconomy for a look at this issue. CRISPR/Cas9 is an excellent technique for gene manipulation. Its discovery is absolutely going t… Read More
  • Cambrian Genomics Does It All

    I’d like to echo this question over at Chemjobber’s blog. What is Cambrian Genomics talking about? For example, see this Q&A: How do you plan t… Read More
  • Knockout Models

    Did you know that we already have a supply of human genetic knockout models for disease? No, they haven’t been generated in an underground lab in North Ko… Read More
  • Splitting the Junk DNA Difference

    A big dispute erupted in the genomics world in 2012 with the publication of the ENCODE consortium’s data – and with their interpretation of it. How… Read More
  • Down With the Western Blot?

    A reader sends along a thought that touches on a lot of the publication scandals that have happened in molecular biology over the years. A very common feature o… Read More
  • Oxygenated Nanobubbles. For Real?

    A longtime reader sent along this article, just based on the headline. “This headline triggers instant skepticism in me”, he said, and I agree. R… Read More
  • XKCD on Protein Folding

    I’ve been meaning to mention this recent XKCD comic, which is right on target: “Someone may someday find a harder one”, indeed. . . Read More
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