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  • It Went Up Instead of Down

    One of the things I like most about science is that you really don’t know what’s going to happen next. That’s especially true in the areas whe… Read More
  • Peptides as Texts

    There’s a curious paper (subscriber-only link) in the latest Nature that’s getting some attention, titled “A linguistic model for the rational… Read More
  • Neowater Replies

    I received (some time ago) an answer from Miguel Cizin and the folks at Docoop, makers of Neowater. (If you haven’t seen the first parts of this story, th… Read More
  • Nanotech Wonder Water?

    Genetic Engineering News is sort of an odd publication. Primarily a vehicle for big, glossy color ads, it publishes some articles of its own: guest editorials,… Read More
  • Stem Cell Disaster

    Update: Since the site was down most of Tuesday, I’m leaving this post up another day. Things have only worsened since I put it up, though. . . I’ve… Read More
  • Grand Rounds Today, and Next Week

    The medical-blog roundup known as Grand Rounds is up today at Dr. Charles, with a wide selection of good reading. And this is a good time to announce that IR… Read More
  • RNAi: The Awkward Age

    A notable feature of 21st century molecular biology (so far!) is the emphasis on RNA. I’ve written before about RNA interference, a hugely popular (and hu… Read More
  • Kinases and Their Komplications

    I’m going to take off from another comment, this one from Ron, who asks (in reference to the post two days ago): “would it not be fair to say that c… Read More
  • The Vapor Trail I Referred To

    I mentioned the other day that not everything in that Stuart Schreiber interview sounded sane to me, (although more of it does than I’d expected). The int… Read More
  • It’s a Bacterial Planet, You Know

    You’ve probably heard of the hypothesis that a reasonable amount of dirt is good for you, especially in childhood. (My kids are certainly taking no chance… Read More
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