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    RNAi: The Awkward Age

    A notable feature of 21st century molecular biology (so far!) is the emphasis on RNA. I’ve written before about RNA interference, a hugely popular (and hugely researched) way to silence the expression of proteins in living cells. Wide swaths of academia and industry are now devoted to figuring out all the details of these pathways… Read More
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    Kinases and Their Komplications

    I’m going to take off from another comment, this one from Ron, who asks (in reference to the post two days ago): “would it not be fair to say that cellular biochemistry gets even more complicated the more we learn about it? It would indeed be fair. I think that as a scientific field matures… Read More
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    The Vapor Trail I Referred To

    I mentioned the other day that not everything in that Stuart Schreiber interview sounded sane to me, (although more of it does than I’d expected). The interviewer, Joanna Owens, asks him to expand on a statement he made about ten years ago: famously (in some circles, at any rate) Schreiber said that he wanted to… Read More
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    It’s a Bacterial Planet, You Know

    You’ve probably heard of the hypothesis that a reasonable amount of dirt is good for you, especially in childhood. (My kids are certainly taking no chances.) The idea is that the immune system needs a certain amount of challenge to develop properly, so trying to live too antiseptic a life is a mistake. I think… Read More
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    There’d Better Not Be an Argon Receptor

    Signaling between cells is weirder than we used to think it was. There’s a hardy perennial, all right – that sentence could have been written whenever you like for the past fifty years or so. But the surprises keep on coming. Some of the most intense communication needs are between neurons, as you’d expect, and… Read More
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    All Bets Are Now Officially Off

    Remember the genomics gold rush? Back about five or six years ago? Sure you do! People were lining up to throw money at companies that could deliver human gene sequences, as part of the never-ending search for new drug targets. (OK, it’s not quite never-ending, but for the time horizon we have in the industry… Read More
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    A New Cancer Target – Maybe

    In my industry, you hear a lot of talk about drug targets and their relative chances of success. Targets fall into several broad classes, and when you take a close look, there are clearly some that are easier to hit than others. The G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) are one of those (antihistamines and beta-blockers are… Read More
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    I’ll bet that this is the only hit for a Google search for that word! I typed it out as I was thinking about how some major classes of biomolecules – protein, carbohydrate, lipid, and nucleic acid – are perceived. If you look at the number of papers published, and the number of details worked… Read More
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    Gene Therapy Decisions

    There’s been a flurry of news about gene therapy, a high-risk high-reward area of research from the very beginning. The biggest success stories came recently in the treatment of X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID,) the so-called “bubble boy” disease. But the course of true therapy never did run smooth, and there have… Read More