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  • The Vapor Trail I Referred To

    I mentioned the other day that not everything in that Stuart Schreiber interview sounded sane to me, (although more of it does than I’d expected). The int… Read More
  • It’s a Bacterial Planet, You Know

    You’ve probably heard of the hypothesis that a reasonable amount of dirt is good for you, especially in childhood. (My kids are certainly taking no chance… Read More
  • All Bets Are Now Officially Off

    Remember the genomics gold rush? Back about five or six years ago? Sure you do! People were lining up to throw money at companies that could deliver human gene… Read More
  • A New Cancer Target – Maybe

    In my industry, you hear a lot of talk about drug targets and their relative chances of success. Targets fall into several broad classes, and when you take a cl… Read More
  • Proteinocentrism

    I’ll bet that this is the only hit for a Google search for that word! I typed it out as I was thinking about how some major classes of biomolecules –… Read More
  • Gene Therapy Decisions

    There’s been a flurry of news about gene therapy, a high-risk high-reward area of research from the very beginning. The biggest success stories came recen… Read More
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