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  • Are Superenhancers Even Real?

    I wrote back here about the idea of “super-enhancers” in molecular biology, back when the idea first came out. The reports were that there are many… Read More
  • Ever Finer Splitting

    Charles Darwin once divided scientists into two types: “splitters” and “lumpers”. The splitters are the ones who keep finding finer dist… Read More
  • Not So Verily

    The folks at Stat clearly have some good sources inside Google’s Verily startup. They ran a story back in March about problems with the CEO (blogged about… Read More
  • A New Natural Products Effort

    Since I mentioned natural products drug discovery the other day, I wanted to note that there’s a new effort at the NIH to screen samples. The CANVASS proj… Read More
  • The Myth of Ethidium Bromide

    Ethidium bromide is found in pretty much every molecular biology lab around. Ask most biologists about handling it, and you’re get a fearful expression an… Read More
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