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  • Open Source Science?

    The Boston Globe has a piece on the open-source science movement. Many readers here will have come across the idea before, but it’s interesting to see it make… Read More
  • Vial Thirty-Three, And More

    My apologies for no post today – home events kept me away from the computer for a while, but everything’s settled back down now. I’ve had seve… Read More
  • Back on the Air

    I just wanted everyone to know that things have been quiet here because of some Movable Type maintenance behind the Corante scenes. Things seem to be working no… Read More
  • Vial Thirty-Three: Warp Drive

    As I mentioned the other day, I’m sprinting to finish some last experiments on my side project. These are all on the “vial thirty-three” syste… Read More
  • The Race Is On

    Friday afternoon was quite strange. There had been another meeting to explain to people what the timetable would be to close down the site, but I left during it… Read More
  • Publish, Then Perish

    It’s not my intention to turn the site into a Saga of the Job Hunt, although that will be a recurring subject for a while. (I’d like to thank everyo… Read More
  • The Horse Latitudes

    I haven’t given any updates on my side project recently because, well, there hasn’t been much to update. Progress has stalled, for several reasons … Read More
  • Back To Life

    It’s been a little while since I updated everyone on my long-running series of experiments, but I do have some news. At last report, I’d set up a la… Read More
  • Vial Thirty-Three: The Third Run

    Friday afternoon I got my results for the repeated experiment I spoke about here. Unfortunately, it matches the second run (the one that looks like garbage) rat… Read More
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