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  • Vial Thirty-Three Rides Again

    Well, I got my repeat experiment set up before leaving work today. I could think of one variable I hadn’t controlled for head-to-head yet, so I set up an… Read More
  • Mid-day Update

    I know I have some people stopping by to see how the experiments I described on Saturday have turned out. Well, the runs that I did late last week were not kind… Read More
  • Minute by Minute

    Well, it’s about two in the afternoon here on Saturday. I don’t blog from work, but this isn’t exactly a workday, is it? I’m here to set… Read More
  • Vial Number Thirty-Three

    This morning I got the results in from the first experiments that I spoke about here. Most of them did nothing at all. Nothing in the blank controls, nothing in… Read More
  • Cliff Diving

    I haven’t given any updates on my side project experiments recently. I’ve been preparing a number of starting materials and getting things ready for… Read More
  • A Scientist’s Resolutions

    1. Get more done in the lab. That’s a pretty generic one, but it gets harder to do the further on you go in your career. At the point I’ve reached,… Read More
  • Experimental News

    I set up another run of experiments in my long-running series today. I’m repeating the best results from last time (the previous post in this category), w… Read More
  • News Flash: I May Not Be a Fool

    I now have my experimental results, at long last. And, well, I have to say that I seem to have something. This batch was set up with fifteen different chemical… Read More
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