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  • Data, At Last

    A rare mid-day update: finally, after weeks of delays, I’m getting the analytical data run on my most recent set of experiments. These are based on what l… Read More
  • Experimental Update

    Since I mentioned a while back that I was setting up a crucial run of experiments, I thought I should let the (three or four) people who are following this stor… Read More
  • Live The Stereotype!

    Now I know why all the biologists I know are half-sane at best: it’s all that pipetting. I set up my experiment today, in a 96-well plate (here’s on… Read More
  • The Consolations of Pure Research

    I mentioned the other day that I’m getting close to another run of experiments on the research idea I’ve been messing with for a couple of years now… Read More
  • Don’t Talk To Yourself So Much

    I’ve been re-reading Francis Crick’s memoir What Mad Pursuit, and this passage struck me: “. . .it is important not to believe too strongly in… Read More
  • Mismatched Socks

    Some miscellaneous updates tonight, in addition to the note appended to the post below. It seems that Sunday nights don’t often leave with time for more e… Read More
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