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Posts tagged with "Birth of an Idea"

  • Birth of an Idea

    Meanwhile, Back at the Chocolate Factory

    The attempt today to put one facet of my latest ideas to the test wasn’t too encouraging. I didn’t get the effect that I was hoping for, but the data suggest some complications that might have intervened. The next set of experiments is coming up soon, and I’ll incorporate what I’ve learned this time into… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    The Nuts and Bolts of a New Idea

    Well, Monday will mark the first test of the research ideas that I’ve been talking about (see the 4/28 and 5/2 posts below.) It’s not the perfect experiment that I’d like, partly because it’ll be testing one of the less-likely forms of the idea. On the flip side, if this one works, plenty of other… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Measure Twice, Cut Once

    Not much time to post at the moment, between home life and work. If this were in my single days, I’d be at the lab until all hours working on the ideas I spoke of, but I don’t think my two small children would care for that (and I’m certain that my wife wouldn’t!) I… Read More