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  • A Traffic Record

    I wanted to thank everyone who comes here for making January the biggest traffic month ever on the site: just over 480,000 page views. That seems like a lot for… Read More
  • Another Recipe: Cornbread

    Here’s the cornbread that I made to go along with the bean soup – in fact, I’m eating a piece now as I write this. This is adapted from the Co… Read More
  • A Christmas Break

    Blogging will be light and irregular around here until after the first of the year. I’ll probably post a recipe or two, as I tend to during this season, b… Read More
  • Thanksgiving Synthesis

    Well, I know that it’s an odd time for me to be posting here, but I’m up working on some Thanksgiving food for tomorrow. The chocolate pecan pie rec… Read More
  • Back On the Air

    Over here to the west of Boston, we had a real storm – downed tree branches all around my neighborhood, power outages – but fortunately nothing like… Read More
  • Blogging Outage

    Well, all of us in the Northeast are battening down today for the storm, and a lot of companies and research labs either didn’t open or are closing early. Read More
  • Travel (For C&E News)

    I’m in Washington today for a meeting of the C&E News editorial board (which I believe is the last one I’ll be attending during my term on it). Read More
  • Conference Travel

    I wanted to mention that later this week I’ll be in Heidelberg, attending the EMBO Chemical Biology conference (agenda). So anyone in Hesse or Baden-Würt… Read More
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