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  • End of a Year

    This is my last workday of the year – I’ll be posting occasionally into the new year, but some of those will be recipes (as is traditional around he… Read More
  • Upcoming Holidays

    I’m busy trying to get things wrapped up in the lab today – I’ll be taking the rest of the week off after this, and posting here irregularly,… Read More
  • Two Side Dish Recipes

    It’s Labor Day weekend here in the US, so I’ve had the day off. As I sometimes do here around holidays, I thought I’d put up another kitchen-c… Read More
  • August Day Off

    If my workplace and my commute are any indication, about half the biopharma world is on vacation. Let’s take this August Friday off and reconvene on Monda… Read More
  • Day Off

    Rather than speculate about the UK this morning, which does seem to be the thing to do, I’m going to plead illness instead. I’m fighting off a sinus… Read More
  • Day Off

    Judging from the traffic this morning, a good part of the working world has today off, and I’m going to take a one-day holiday from blogging. I’m at… Read More
  • Speaking at Northeastern

    For those in the Boston area, I keep forgetting to mention that I’ll be giving a talk at Northeastern U on Thursday night. The talk starts at 7, at 115 Hu… Read More
  • Day Off

    I’m taking the day off and making a long festive February weekend out of it. Blogging resumes on Monday, with a number of topics stacked up to talk about. Read More
  • Back On the Air

    Blogging should be getting back to normal around here. My viral infection, as I found out yesterday, shaded over with aplomb into bacterial pneumonia in both l… Read More
  • Darn Viruses

    My apologies for not posting much today – as those of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed, I haven’t actually made it in to work so far th… Read More
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