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  • San Diego

    Thanks to the readership for all the suggestions. Today I managed to survive on fish tacos for lunch and a fearsome bacon burger at Hodad’s over in Ocean… Read More
  • Travel

    Most of my last 24 hours have been spent in travel mode, of one sort or another, so I doubt if I’ll have a full blog post this morning. I’m out in S… Read More
  • Blogs and Journalism

    Nature is out with a piece on the state of science journalism, and I’m quoted several times as a representative science blogger. They’ve overstated… Read More
  • Hexacyclinol – Another Request

    I’m taking the day off from cranking out the medicines of tomorrow (OK, the day after tomorrow), so there will be no post today. I did want to add somethi… Read More
  • Day Off

    Today is a holiday in many workplaces around the US today, and so it is at mine. I’m home at stately Lowe Manor, breaking ice off the shady front steps an… Read More
  • The Blogroll

    This is long, long, overdue, but I’ve finally gone through the blogroll and cleared out the dead sites, of which there are (were) many. Stage Two will be… Read More
  • Holiday Break

    Posting will be intermittent around here until after January 1st. I’m going to be doing various important tasks at home, such as wrapping presents and mak… Read More
  • Day Off

    No time for a post this morning, unfortunately. The arguments are continuing full speed in the comments to Hard Times: A Manifesto, though, and I plan to do a l… Read More
  • Back

    Just wanted to let people know that yes, I’m still out here. I’ve returned from vacation, and am dealing with the usual catch-up on everything that… Read More
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