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  • Stocking Stuffers, of a Sort

    It seems to be the season for book recommendations in the blog world. If anyone’s wondering what the favorites here are, let me recommend some classics of… Read More
  • Now With The Great Taste of Fish

    You’ll notice a new design here this morning – the Corantean Heirarchy is switching everyone over to a newer template. You can now adjust the text s… Read More
  • Comment Problems

    Something appears to have unraveled in the site’s commenting function; it won’t let anyone post anything. We’ll try to have that fixed soon &# Read More
  • Two Days Off (From This, Anyway)

    No blogging time left this evening, and tomorrow night will be blank as well. I’m giving a talk to the local section of the American Chemical Society, so… Read More
  • No Coming Attractions Here

    I promise, this week the blog won’t be all-NIH-all-the-time. There are plenty of other things to talk about, but if I list them, I won’t get around… Read More
  • A Question For the Audience

    You know, it does feel odd not to be writing anything about the political season, what with all the conventioneering going on. But world events, for the most pa… Read More
  • Summer Hours

    I’m only going to be at the Wonder Drug Factory for a half day on Friday, and there’s not much time to post tonight, either. I wanted to let everyon… Read More
  • The Last Word on Taste

    No time for real blogging for today, but I couldn’t let this one go by: Reader Steve C. passes on what has to be one of the worst examples from the old da… Read More
  • Categories

    I’ve noticed many visitors hitting the category topics over there on the right side of the page. Unfortunately, some of those headings don’t have an… Read More
  • Welcome Back!

    It’s a relief to finally be able to post again. My previous platform ran into a major glitch last week, and it was only after a few days that I realized t… Read More
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