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  • Medicinal Chemistry Books 2017

    I’m running a few days later than usual, but here’s this year’s list of medicinal chemistry books of interest. As in years past, the list bui… Read More
  • One More Chemistry Book

    And of course there’s one more book I’d like to plug: my own The Chemistry Book. I’m putting it in a separate post both for the personal glory… Read More
  • Medicinal Chemistry Books 2016

    It’s time for the yearly roundup here of books on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. I’ll be doing another post on science books for a more ge… Read More
  • “The Chemistry Book” Is Available

    I wanted to let everyone know that my first venture into between-hard-covers authorship, The Chemistry Book, is now set to be released in early February, and i… Read More
  • Job Interview Advice

    I find it very refreshing to be talking again, once in a while, about finding jobs in drug discovery. Via my Twitter feed, I note this fine article from Linda W… Read More
  • What If?

    I wanted to let readers know of a fun new book that’s out this week. Randall Munroe, of webcomic XKCD fame, has written What If?: Serious Scientific Answe… Read More
  • A New Med-Chem Reference

    Over the past few years, several readers here have recommended Silverman’s medicinal chemistry book as an excellent introduction and reference. I wanted t… Read More
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