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  • A New Book

    Noted as a significant new book relevant to biopharma, but necessarily without any comment from me is Barry Werth’s The Antidote: Inside the World of New… Read More
  • Holiday Blogging

    Starting today, blogging here will move to the irregular holiday schedule. Look for recipes and the like over the next couple of weeks, interspersed with occasi… Read More
  • The Chemistry Book

    I wanted to mention to readers here that I’ve agreed to write a book (for a general audience) on chemistry for Sterling Publishers (the publishing arm of… Read More
  • A New Book on Longevity Research

    The University of Chicago Press has sent along a copy of a new book by DePaul professor Ted Anton, The Longevity Seekers. It’s a history of the last thirt… Read More
  • Two New Books

    A colleague pointed out to me this week that there’s a new edition of Copeland’s Evaluation of Enzyme Inhibitors in Drug Discovery. I haven’t… Read More
  • Bioisosteres

    A couple of years ago, I referred to a journal article summarizing many recent examples of bioisosteres in medicinal chemistry. I’ve been meaning to menti… Read More
  • Science Gifts: Actual Med-Chem Books

    A few years ago, I asked the readership for the best books on the practice of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery itself. These may not be exactly stocking s… Read More
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