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  • A New Book on Chemical Patents

    I wanted to mention a book I’ve received a review copy of recently: Writing Chemistry Patents and Intellectual Property: A Practical Guide. The descriptio… Read More
  • Data Handling in Collaborations

    I wanted to mention a book I’ve received, courtesy of the editors: Collaborative Computational Technologies for Biomedical Research. It’s a multi-au… Read More
  • Book Review: The Quest for the Cure

    I wanted to mention that I have a review up at Cell for a new book by Brent Stockwell (at Columbia): The Quest for the Cure: The Science and Stories Behind the… Read More
  • Garage Biotech: The Book

    I haven’t read it yet, but there’s a new book on the whole “garage biotech” field, which I’ve blogged about hereand here. Biopunk… Read More
  • Drug Discovery History

    One of the speakers here yesterday recommended Walter Sneader’s Drug Discovery: A History, which I haven’t read. It looks good, though, for a look b… Read More
  • Serendipity in Medicine

    I came across this book the other day, and bought it on sight: Happy Accidents: Serendipity in Modern Medical Breakthroughs. From what I’ve read of it so… Read More
  • Friday Book Recommendation

    I’m going to be off helping out with my daughter’s field trip today, so it’s not like there are going to be a lot of posts around here. But I… Read More
  • Friday Book Recommendation

    Here’s another outside the field – in fact, it’s outside of a lot of people’s fields. Where Is Everybody? presents fifty possible soluti… Read More
  • A Friday Book Recommendation

    This isn’t exactly med-chem, but its focus probably overlaps with the interests of a number of readers around here. I recently came across a copy of A Fie… Read More
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